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A large number of euphemisms are used to talk about our sleep and tiredness. 


Some of these are a bit ridiculous - anyone who has ever met a baby knows that they sleep peacefully for short periods only, yet we say "I slept like a baby" to indicate we slept well! These words and phrases inform our societal understanding of sleep, often incorrectly.

This experimental project was started around the word 'shattered' using a quite literal interpretation by shattering mirror and glass. The reaction the glass has to the hammer echoes the sense of brittleness caused by sleep deprivation....feeling fractured.... one small knock from life can break you.....


The use of euphemistic language, and the humour that these often include is something to be investigated in the future, taking inspiration from artists such as David Shrigley and Grayson Perry. Humour is such a huge part of human communication that this seems fitting for my practise, as well as being a personal decision based on my own interests. 

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