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This projection installation piece was informed by the close relationship between sleep and death and inspired by, and named after 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica. 


​The song features a children's bedtime prayer which asks God to preserve the soul of someone who doesn't wake up from sleep.  


The video was set to show the words of prayer quickly, in a slightly manic fashion, akin to blinking. 

The myth of the Sandman occurs in different cultures as a creature who blows fine dust into the eyes of children to get them to go to sleep. 

The work was designed to be placed in a dark corner in the back of the gallery which elevated this piece in a way it would not have been in a conventional space. The intentional meanings merged with the viewer's life experiences: a rock fan enjoyed the Metallica reference; those from religious backgrounds appreciated the prayer, and those with no previous knowledge of the text made their own interpretations in reaction to the overall atmosphere of the work in the space. 

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